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One of the EduRise supported schools in the Hammarsdale area received food parcels donated by the Mr Price Foundation and organised by the RobinHood Foundation.

One of the EduRise supported schools in the Hammarsdale area received food parcels donated by the Mr Price Foundation and organised by the RobinHood Foundation. Image: Mr Price Foundation / Pierre Tostee


A Relief Fund has been set up to assist communities affected by civil unrest

  • R5 million has been donated by Mr Price Group to local disaster relief organisations.

  • To date, an additional R389 000 was raised through donations with a further R357 000 pledged to the Relief Fund.

  • Food parcels were donated to communities in need by the Mr Price Foundation in partnership with local disaster relief organisations.


Thanks to the extensive relief package launched and funded by the Mr Price Group and the generosity of the public, food parcels have been distributed to communities experiencing food insecurity in KwaZulu-Natal. To date, R5 million has been donated to Gift of the Givers Foundation, Robin Hood Foundation, The Domino Foundation and CityHope Disaster Relief Organisation. 

 Following the civil unrest in July, these local organisations immediately responded with disaster relief, engaging with local communities to pinpoint areas where grocery retailers were looted and supply chains disrupted. Food parcels were donated to schools, small businesses, baby’s homes, old age homes, charity organisations, community shopping centres and over 1 300 factory workers in the Mr Price Group supply chain.

Mrs Mnyoni, Principal of Ubehedu Primary School in Hammarsdale, shared her sincere thanks when food parcels were dropped off by the Mr Price Foundation and the RobinHood Foundation. Ubehedu Primary School is one of the 20 schools part of our EduRise Programme in the Hammarsdale community. 

“I speak on behalf of Mpumalanga and Hammarsdale principals, I would like to express our gratitude to Robin Hood Foundation and the Mr Price Foundation for the generous donation, including fresh vegetables and fruits, that we have received. We understand that we are not the only circuit that is affected by poverty after the unrest of looting.

You played a vital role in poverty alleviation in our community. The sense of social cohesion you showed gives us strength as principals of the Mpumalanga (KZN) circuit. It builds a healthy relationship and a sense of solidarity among members of the community. You have indeed recognised the suffering of others and the community we serve. Then you took action to help. Your contribution towards the development of an African child is remarkable.”

For school governing body Chairman, Mr N Hlongwane, the donation of food parcels meant a great deal for the wellbeing of the children. “We are a very disadvantaged school in a very disadvantaged community. This will ease some budget for the school because we don’t get many resources. Thank you on behalf of the community, the parents, the teachers…because you cannot teach a child that is hungry.” 

Cindy Norcott, from the Robin Hood Foundation, explained how disaster relief is crucial in alleviating food insecurity. “When the looting and rioting started, we realised we needed to focus on food relief. We’ve managed to get the healthiest, best quality food into the stomachs of the children and the hands of people who need it the most, while helping distressed farmers who are unable to sell their product. 

We have already distributed 30 tons of food into this Hammarsdale community and we have made a commitment to return within the next six weeks. The community really needs to see the spirit of Ubuntu, everybody’s been affected by the looting, rioting and COVID-19. 

We just wanted to show our support and we are very grateful to the Mr Price Foundation. We’ve linked arms with them to work in this community, specifically Hammarsdale, which is one of our favourite communities. We know that education is the backbone of our economy and an educated child becomes a leader in the future.”

Part of the Mr Price Group’s pledge of solidarity was to donate to the Relief Fund for every medal won at the Olympics and the Paralympics. Team South Africa have won three medals, amounting to a R100 000 donation and we are trusting that Team SA’s Paralympians will also add to the Mr Price Foundation Relief Fund with their respective podium finishes. 

Through the Relief Fund, established by Mr Price Foundation, an additional R389 000 was raised through donations with a further R357 000 pledged to help communities impacted by the civil unrest. We would like to thank everyone who has made a donation. 


Past communication from the Mr Price Group


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