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Education is the bedrock of a
successful nation

Yet an estimated 81% of grade 4 children in South Africa can’t read for meaning.* We believe the root cause of unemployment is education, which is why our EduRise schools programme is vested in unlocking quality education in under-resourced schools, in the key foundation phases.


*Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) 2021 



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Education pillars

EduRise takes a multi-pronged approach to supporting low-income schools to cultivate holistic academic environments
where learners and leaders can thrive. EduRise invests in four key pillars:

School leadership and management development

School leadership and management is capacitated, upskilled and mentored to work in a spirit of cooperation and deliver quality education.

Educator development

Educators are enriched through training, mentorship and peer collaboration, and gain classroom confidence and accountability.

Learner development

The holistic potential of learners is developed through classroom support in maths, science and English; as well as physical education, creative arts and environmental awareness.

Parent and community involvement

Effective relationships are nurtured between schools, parents and communities. Learners shine brightest when school ecosystems are actively involved in their learning journey.

Programme impact

2023 Financial Year

1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023


local schools impacted


learners holistically engaged


educators capacitated

Our approach

Under-resourced schools face many obstacles in adequately preparing learners for the future. EduRise supports all stakeholders in a child’s schooling journey, cultivating a holistic education environment that helps learners unlock their full potential.

We work in partnership with the Department of Education to identify areas for intervention.
A selection process is followed for schools wishing to join the programme. Schools’ proximity to each other is considered to make schools more accessible to facilitators and mentors.
EduRise programmes are introduced to schools in annual stages
This is based on their commitment and progress towards their yearly goals. We work within the education system and in partnership with all key roleplayers, and empower beneficiaries through mentorship, workshops and collaboration.
EduRise is implemented with a clear intention to create sustainability and not dependency.
After the intervention period, most EduRise schools enter the sustainability phase, where they have acquired the necessary tools and strategies to run the programme independently.
EduRise is widening its lens
EduRise will be focusing more closely on early childhood development (ECD) to grade 3. The crucial learning blocks of reading and numeracy are developed in these formative years. EduRise will join like-minded partners to become a more vocal advocate for ECD, to ensure all children are able to attend ECD and all five-year-olds are ready to thrive at school.
Our Footprint
EduRise has been active in low-income communities in Tongaat, Hammarsdale, QwaQwa, Soweto and Mitchells Plain since 2018.
Hammarsdale and Tongaat are key communities to Mr Price Group. The group’s distribution centre is located in Hammarsdale, and the Durban support centre is not far from Tongaat.
Our stories
A litmus test of

    PRINCIPALS AND EDUCATORS of 40 primary schools in

Sports skills a hit

  Mr Price Foundation held a ‘sustainability celebration’ for 20

Support educators
and learners

The future of our children lies in our hands. With you by our side, we can reach many more schools and educators – and unlock the best potential in young learners.

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What are the benefits of EduRise?
  • Key learning blocks are established
  • Improve ECD quality in lower socio-economic communities
  • Close the gap between education and economic opportunities post school
Our partners
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Answers to the most frequently
asked questions about EduRise
No, EduRise does not provide sponsorships. Please see Mr Price Foundation’s donation request

No, EduRise does not build infrastructure projects.

All EduRise interventions are designed to assist educators and schools to better deliver on their duties. They are therefore CAPS aligned and do factor in the provincial and national department of education’s strategic plans.

No. All EduRise interventions are implemented with sustainability in mind and in a way that does not create dependencies. There is therefore a clear exit strategy that ensures beneficiaries are empowered to run the programmes independently post the intervention period.

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