The 2016 Pre-Production Learning Journey Has Begun!

Twenty-five enthusiastic JumpStart Pre-production Manufacturing students step into the manufacturing world.

Twenty-five enthusiastic JumpStart Pre-production Manufacturing students step into the manufacturing world.


Twenty-five enthusiastic students are excited to start their JumpStart Pre-production Manufacturing course, a valuable training experience that affords eager youth the opportunity to get a foot in the manufacturing world.

Co-created and funded by MRP Foundation, strategic suppliers and Mr Price Group, the course offers unemployed youth a “jumpstart” in life by providing life skills, hands-on experience and critical skills development in the footwear and clothing manufacturing sectors in nine South African factories.

Zothani Gwala, an ambitious graduate from Pietermaritzburg, is excited to build on the creative knowledge that he explored in his previous three-year diploma.

“The course is very hands-on and eye-opening and it really teaches you so much about the manufacturing industry. I can’t wait to absorb as much information as I can and grow myself from here.”

Since the course started in 2014 thirty-nine students have graduated from the ten-month intensive practical and theoretical course that aims to bridges the gap between tertiary education and the manufacturing industry, covering everything from pattern-making, designing, costing, merchandising to planning for production.

All these skills ultimately make graduates more employable and this coupled with a good work ethic and a passion for the manufacturing industry stands graduates in good stead when finding jobs.

Good luck to our 2016 class, you can do it!

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