Road Safety Show

MRP Foundation makes road safety for young children a priority in Kwadukuza.
MRP Foundation makes road safety for young children a priority in Kwadukuza.

L-R: Nomathemba Dlamini, Londiwe Ngwazi and Ajax Mkhwanazi interacts with learners at the St. Christopher’s Primary School in KwaDukuza. Picture: MRP Foundation / Tim Lubbe


Learner’s at the St Christopher’s Primary School in KwaDukuza were treated to an educational Road Safety show on Monday, 26 February.

Grade one to six learners participated in the interactive isiZulu production, produced by veteran Durban actor, dancer, director, writer, teacher and puppet master Peter Court. Court, is the creative arts implementation partner for the MRP Foundation’s Schools Programme. Court has worldwide theatre experience and invaluable teaching skills, which he has used to help build confidence in teachers and impart life skills to learners through this programme.

“The road safety road show was devised as a means of highlighting the importance of road safety to children, whose lives are most often at risk. In 2017, several of the MRP Foundation supported school’s experienced tragic, fatal traffic accidents. Through performances such as these, we hope to assist in avoiding such tragedies in the future,” said Court.

“The most vulnerable road users are pedestrians. The most vulnerable pedestrians are children. And the most vulnerable children are the young children of the poor,” Court highlighted.

A huge number of children are involved in traffic accidents in rural KwaZulu-Natal. “Children don’t see the world as we adults do. Their perceptions aren’t developed to the same degree and they view time and space differently to adults,” added Court.

Actors Nomathemba Dlamini, Londiwe Ngwazi and Ajax Mkhwanazi, illustrated the Safe Cross Code to learners, emphasising six key messages: look for a safe place to cross, don’t hurry (stop and wait), look all around and listen before you cross the road, let all the traffic pass you, walk straight across the road (do not run), and keep looking and listening whilst you cross the road.

The roadshow was also presented at four other MRP Foundation supported schools: Aldinville Senior Primary School, Kearsney Primary School, Nyakana Combined Primary School and Zilungisele Primary School on 26 and 27 February.

Words: Farzanah Asmal

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