If we read, we can dream and achieve

Learners and educators at Entendeleni Primary School in Hammarsdale were over the moon with the books that were added to their library by the Sheet Street team. They celebrated their new books with Thato Mmaditla, Head of People, Sheet Street (seated left) and Pain Mshangaidze, Head of the EduRise programme. Credit: © Pierre Tostee / Mr Price Foundation


“ALL PEOPLE MATTER,” says Thato Mmaditla, Head of People, Sheet Street. The Sheet Street team was recently at Entendeleni Primary School in Hammarsdale, delivering books collected by Sheet Street associates as part of their Mandela Day campaign. 


Thato says: “The young ones need to know that they also matter; and that if they believe in themselves and if they read and focus they can achieve their dreams.” 


The books will make a world of difference to learners at Entendeleni Primary School, one of 98 EduRise schools across South Africa, as it will allow them to learn about the world. 


Ms Thabile Zondi, a volunteer who works as both an admin and a library assistant at the school, says, “We are very excited because it is going to help our learners read more books. Exposure to more books means that they are able to read even in their spare time. That will improve their reading and writing experience and language skills.”  


The school is always in need of books to expand their library, says Ms Zondi, who was instrumental in establishing the school library. It started with a small box of books donated by ELITS and now boasts shelves and desks as well as a carpet donated by a parent. There are now two librarians at the school and a library system that ensures learners get the chance to read. 


Sheet Street associates wanted to instil the importance of sharing with our communities, which is a core value that is driven through its products.


“We extend a huge thank you to all our associates who participated in this team effort. It’s always amazing to see everyone pulling together to engage with the communities around us and make a difference in the world,” says Thato. 


Part of Mr Price Foundation, EduRise is a holistic education programme that aims to cultivate educational environments where children can learn effectively, supported by confident teachers in schools that strive for excellence. 


The programme focuses on four key areas: parent and community involvement; school management and leadership; learner development; and educator development. It is designed for learners to unlock and develop their full potential through quality education and holistic interventions in physical education, mathematics, science, English, creative arts and environmental awareness programmes.    


Learn more about EduRise and other programmes that are part of Mr Price Foundation’s vision to break the cycle of poverty and inequality in South Africa. You can help make young learners’ dreams come true! 




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