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New MRP Foundation House jump starts retail careers
MRP Foundation House opens in Morningside, Durban to twelve graduates who are embarking on the 2020 Professional Retail Programme

Aspirational Space: Twelve young people have commenced the Professional Retail Programme in the MRP Foundation’s vibrant new House, in the heart of Durban’s Florida Road Precinct. Image: MRP Foundation / Pierre Tostee


  • MRP Foundation House opens in Morningside, Durban

  • The Professional Retail Programme is the first course to run in the House

  • The space has been designed to be vibrant, functional and inspiring


MRP Foundation’s House, located just off Durban’s trendy Florida Road, has recently opened its doors to twelve graduates who are excited to be starting their journey to a career in retail.

Karen Wells, Head of MRP Foundation, believes the new space will be beneficial to the Foundation’s beneficiaries, including the bright students who are embarking on the 2020 Professional Retail Programme.

“We are excited to open the MRP Foundation House, a space we hope will be an aspirational place where many young people build their careers. Our hope is that the graduates feel energised by the space and ready to tackle their future.”

The new recruits, who are former graduates from a range of tertiary disciplines, are hoping to successfully complete the intensive ten-month internship that will help them prepare for a career in the retail world. Previous years have seen an 84% employment rate among the graduates, with many moving into sought-after positions in local companies.

The historic building was tastefully transformed into a learning centre by Jess Binns, an Interior Designer from Hector and Bailey, who created the space to be “current”, functional and stimulating through using a “formula of statement colours and bold patterns set against white backdrops and great lighting that results in a conducive environment for inspired learning.”

The local Durban designer said, “We wanted to achieve a space that felt fresh, vibrant and inspiring as well as a place that leaves a positive lasting impression, so students look forward to attending class.”

Property Owner, Murray Clarke of GOOD, is also excited about the use of the space saying, “Our vision as a company is to create spaces that offer a platform for social impact and social good. We feel that our collaboration with MRP Foundation as a tenant serves to achieve that, albeit in our own small way, and are looking forward to seeing the space come to fruition for the purpose it was built for.”

Good luck to the PRP students, we wish you the best for the year ahead!

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