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MRP Foundation Schools programme is creating an inspired learning environment where learners and educators soar to success.
MRP Foundation Schools programme is creating an inspired learning environment where learners and educators soar to success.

The MRP Foundation Schools programme is helping to create a space where learners love school and learning.


Five primary schools in rural KwaDukuza, KwaZulu-Natal, have been transformed into centres of excellence through passion and partnerships that have led to an overwhelming success of the MRP Foundation Schools programme.

By partnering with five schools – Aldinville Senior Primary School, Kearsney Primary School, Nyakana Combined Primary School, Zilungisele Primary School, St Christopher’s Primary School – the MRP Foundation Schools programme aims to create a holistic educational environment where children can learn effectively, supported by confident teachers in a school that strives for excellence.

Through creative arts and culture lessons, environmental awareness, technology-based learning and dedicated physical education classes pupils now have an opportunity to find their sporting, artistic and academic talents.

Not only do these quality lessons foster well-rounded and empowered learners, but they take a step towards breaking the cycle of poverty and inequality – something the MRP Foundation dreams of seeing happen for South Africa’s youth.

The MRP Foundation Schools programme also hopes to establish holistic school development. By involving and empowering all key players, including school leadership and management, educators, parents and the community at large, the sustainability of the programme is secured; ensuring that the waves of improvement implemented in the school continue to be felt long after programme started.

Mrs. Lorraine Kaunda, St Christopher’s HOD is passionate about the programme, having witnessed a significant change in herself and her colleagues since the programme started.

“I am a better leader because of the programme. I am now confident to challenge the system, look at the curriculum in a different way and am empowered with knowledge and skills that I didn’t have before.

Our school is also too small now as our numbers have increased. Learners at neighbouring schools are coming to us because we have computer labs with internet and teachers are working hard since they have embraced all the values that the MRP Foundation has implemented.”

For Natasja Ambrosio, MRP Foundation Director, the programme’s results have spoken for themselves:

“We achieved what we thought was impossible and that is school reform by outperforming other schools in the district, province and nationally on their average performance.”

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