A warm welcome to our new Executive Director 

Octavius Phukubye is the new Executive Director of Mr Price Foundation. © Pierre Tostee / Mr Price Foundation


  • Octavius Phukubye joined Mr Price Foundation as Executive Director in February 2024.
  • He is eager to collaborate with different stakeholders to empower South Africa’s youth.
  • We look forward to expanding our impact in youth development, with Octavius leading the way. 


We are delighted to welcome Octavius Phukubye as the new Executive Director of Mr Price Foundation. This is an important milestone and an exciting appointment for the Foundation, and will help ensure that we continue to push to greater heights in youth development. 


Octavius has an impressive track record, with over 16 years’ experience in managing and leading strategy, transformation and economic development projects cutting across consulting, fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), banking and mining industries. 


His prior roles include Managing Director of IDF VAS, Vice-President of Supplier at ABSA, Economic Development Manager at SAB, and Management Consultant at Accenture South Africa.  


He is also a former entrepreneur, having founded Brillianaire (sold to IDF Capital), and Hatchfy, and led the delivery of impact programmes for Glencore, Shell, Takealot and Rand Mutual Assurance. 


Octavius’ wealth of experience, combined with his entrepreneurial mindset and heart for socio-economic transformation, makes him a great fit for Mr Price Foundation 


“Although Octavius’ career and experience speaks for itself, what stood out is his passion for Mr Price as a brand, and his energy and enthusiasm to create the same love that South Africans have for Mr Price, for Mr Price Foundation. We look forward to growing the impact of the Foundation, with Octavius leading the way,” said Janis Cheadle, ESG Director & Company Secretary at Mr Price Group. 


Octavius said he was thrilled to join Mr Price Foundation.  


“The Foundation’s dedication to empowering South Africa’s youth through education, entrepreneurship and skills development deeply resonates with me. South Africa is in the grip of a persistent youth unemployment crisis. Having the opportunity to make a difference at such a critical moment is incredibly motivating,” Octavius said. 


South Africa’s youth are extremely vulnerable in the labour market, with 44.3% or 4,7 million unemployed youth (aged 15 to 34 years), according to Stats SA Quarterly Labour Force Survey Q4: 2023. 


This makes the work of the Foundation in skills development, education and entrepreneurship even more significant. In the 2023 financial year, the Foundation invested R22.34 million in youth skills development and R9.74 million in education. 


“I am eager to collaborate with different stakeholders to empower South Africa’s youth through demand-driven programmes in skills development, education and entrepreneurship. We aim to create multiple pathways towards economic opportunities and socio-economic transformation,” said Octavius. 


Octavius joined Mr Price Foundation in February 2024 and has made short work of identifying his priority focus areas. These are: 


  • To scale impact and strategically expand the reach of the Foundation’s programmes to empower even more young South Africans.  
  • To collaborate and build meaningful and strong partnerships with the public and private sectors to maximize collective efforts.  
  • To ensure the long-term sustainability of the Foundation through responsible resource management and fundraising strategies. 
  • To innovate and adapt to ensure programmes remain relevant, using data-driven impact measures. 


With Octavius at our helm, we look forward to expanding our impact in youth development. 


If you would like to make a donation or partner with Mr Price Foundation, please get in touch with us.  



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