A perfect year for JumpStart

The JumpStart Professional Retail Programme Class of 2023 was a year of distinction! © Pierre Tostee / Mr Price Foundation.


  • The JumpStart Professional Retail Programme achieved a perfect 100% employment rate in 2023.
  • This is a milestone for Mr Price Foundation’s youth skills development programme.   
  • There was also a surge in employment from JumpStart’s RFP and RSP. ​


2023 was an excellent year for the JumpStart Professional Retail Programme (PRP), with the Class of 2023 achieving a perfect 100% employment rate. All 11 graduates in this bespoke post-graduate programme gained employment within two months of their December graduation.


This is a milestone for the programme.  


“This certainly was a class of distinction! We are thrilled with their 100% employment rate. This is testament to the concerted efforts of our students, our JumpStart team, and our valued partners,” said Karen Wells, Head of Mr Price Foundation.  


A nine-month graduate internship, the PRP is a cornerstone of Mr Price Foundation’s JumpStart youth skills development programme.


It is delivered through a cloud-based learning platform and a combination of classroom, self-study and group project work, reinforced by five months of genuine, hands-on work experience in selected retail environments.  


“The programme is full of pressure cooker moments. This pressure creates diamonds. Students gain clarity on the key roles and responsibilities of the retail value chain; and on their career aspirations. Eleven students committed themselves to the PRP in March 2023 – and nine months later, 11 diamonds came out of the pressure cooker,” said Karen. 


JumpStart also experienced a surge in employment of graduates from the Retail Frontline Programme and the Retail Sales Programme in October and November 2023.  


“Results like these reassure us that we are hitting the target in our fight against youth unemployment and in unlocking opportunities for youth,” said Karen.   


JumpStart PRP applications are currently closed.  



Date published: March 2023

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