A litmus test of success  


Educators are developed and capacitated by the EduRise programme. © Pierre Tostee / Mr Price Foundation


PRINCIPALS AND EDUCATORS of 40 primary schools in Hammarsdale, Verulam and Tongaat in KwaZulu-Natal recently gathered at a “well wishes” function, celebrating the culmination of their four-year journey with EduRise, Mr Price Foundation’s holistic education programme.  


Since 2019 EduRise has been empowering and mentoring school management teams and governing bodies, learners and educators. Interventions focused on school management and governance, mathematics, natural sciences, English, creative arts, physical education and environmental awareness.  


In 2023, these schools will enter the sustainability phase of their EduRise journey. This phase will require schools to independently continue implementing all EduRise-acquired learnings.


“This sustainability phase is vitally important as it is a litmus test of the success of EduRise,” said Karen Wells, head of Mr Price Foundation.


We thank our implementation partners in the KwaZulu-Natal cluster: JET Education Services, Sportstec and Creative Madness. We also extend a special thank you to the KZN Department of Basic Education, in particular the Pinetown districts, and to all the schools who embraced this learning journey. 


“Our schools in KwaZulu-Natal have been resilient through tough times: from COVID-19 to riots and floods. What they have achieved in trying times is inspirational. It is a testament to how the programme was able to adapt to the needs of teachers and principals,” said Karen. 


Mr Malevu, Peaceville Primary School principal in Hammarsdale, said EduRise had enabled educators to understand the importance of their role in the management and smooth running of schools.


“Educators have learned that they are managers in their own right and can therefore ensure the smooth management of our schools.  Educators are developed and capacitated continuously, enabling them to grow,” said Mr Malevu.


EduRise is implemented in 98 primary schools in lower socio-economic communities across South Africa, impacting almost 64 000 youth annually. The programme helps schools deliver quality education through educator development, school management team mentorship, and parent and community collaboration.   


The programme is designed to improve overall learner performance.  Sandfields Primary School principal, Mr Singh, said: “EduRise has managed to effect change without you realizing you have effected change. The changes that we have seen in the way our children conduct themselves, whether on the sports field or in the classroom, made us want to do our best to ensure the programme succeeds.”  


Creative Madness, which implements the Creative Arts component, will continue to bring creative delight to schools to the KwaZulu-Natal cluster in 2023. 

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