Three Cheers For Clean Water

A MRP Foundation school, St Christophers, is stepping into a more waterwise future courtesy of a new atmospheric water generation plant.
A MRP Foundation school, St Christophers, is stepping into a more waterwise future courtesy of a new atmospheric water generation plant.

St Christophers staff and pupils were so excited at the thought of being able to drink clean water on a daily basis. From L-R: Mrs. Lorranie Kaunda (St Christopher’s Acting Principal), Mr Njabulo Mdamda (teacher), Prince Mathe (TechEd Facilitator), Joel Berger (Superwater)


St Christophers Primary School, one of five MRP Foundation Schools located in drought-stricken KwaDukuza, KwaZulu-Natal, was overjoyed to receive an atmospheric water generation unit from Superwater on 12 April 2016.

This Superwater unit extracts moisture out of the humidity in the atmosphere to supply approximately 100 litres of fresh, clean water per day – a massive aid in helping with the shortage of valuable drinking water. The large school of over one thousand learners share only one tap which at times is unreliable and distributes dirty water. Although it doesn’t supply enough clean water for the whole school the cost-effective and sustainable unit goes a long way in supplementing their current water supply.

The pilot project comes at just the right time as the St Christophers Primary School continues its search for sustainable solutions in the water crisis. As one of the five KwaDukuza schools that follow the holistic MRP Foundation Schools Programme, learners are already familiar with the importance of being kind to the environment. Rainwater harvesting systems and ‘tippy-taps’, simple devices made from plastic bottles for washing hands, are just some of the water conservation initiatives that the school enthusiastically adopts.

Joel Berger of Superwater unveiled the unit, which now stands proudly in the school ground, to educators and learners saying:

“We feel honoured to be able to launch the project here and provide water solutions for drinkable water. If children aren’t drinking clean safe water they’re not learning to their best potential. We would ultimately love the children to have sufficient water for their own consumption during their school day as well as being able to take some portable water home for their family consumption. This may even result in a social enterprise opportunity for the school to sell water for a nominal price and raise additional school funds.”

Mrs. Lorranie Kaunda, St Christophers Acting Principal, was overjoyed to welcome such a generous donation saying:

“What a thoughtful gesture that we weren’t expecting! The unit came at just the right time as the school is really facing the water crisis. Some days classes finish earlier because we can’t provide water. A million thanks to Superwater and particularly our continued partnership with the MRP Foundation which has afforded us this opportunity.”

The MRP Foundation is on a mission to be waterwise, because every effort counts!

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